На mazda cx5 из китая. Продать антиквариат в санкт-петербурге Далее Вы можете привезти антикварные предметы самостоятельно или наш выездной эксперт приедет к вам, выплатит деньги, самостоятельно все упакует и увезет предметы. антиквраные предметы могут быть различной посуды, это могут быть фарфоровые сервизы, чашки и кружки из фарфора, фарфоровые вазы, коллекционные фарфоровые статуэтки. У нас вы можете дорого продать антикварииат периода Царской России и СССР, также мы занимаемся скупкой старой посуды и Европейского фарфора.


авто из китая купить Если авто уже продан, наши ребята подберут вам аналогичный автомобиль по вашим параметрам и критериям. Цены могут меняться из-за курсов валют. Пожалуйста уточняйте информацию по цене у наших менеджеров.


Frequency: Monthly

Circulation: 20000 copies

Format: 230x298 mm

Number of lanes: 140-180

Color: 4+4

Page bonding: Gluing (BCS)

Cover: Glossy, laminated, 250 g/m.

Pages: Matte/gloss, 90 gr/m.

Advertising inserts: 250 gr/m.


This is a modern edition, designed for active young developing and mature people with life experience.

Our magazine does not talk about politics, but we are well aware that too much is tied to it these days, so in some articles the words “crisis”, “import substitution” and “sanctions” will still occur.

We have set ourselves a very difficult but interesting goal and we are successfully implementing it. Everything that happens here in Russia is in the first place in GORPROEKT.

Important topics for us:

  • Tell in detail and provide all possible assistance in their promotion.
  • Development of Russian companies and manufacturers.
  • Tourism. We will show people our true Russian beauties, natural phenomena and architectural heritage that will make you freeze.
GORPROEKT talks about the history of the country, interesting facts and details, as it is always relevant and useful to any Person.
Less glamour, more style. Less fashion trends, more informative.

This is a publication that is read by both men and women, combining the topics of business, leisure, culture, design and other interesting headings.

What is our uniqueness and difference from other publications?

  • Politically neutral.
  • A broadly focused publication that does not have a narrow specialized theme. As a result - a mobile age limit and target audience.
  • GORPROEKT gives partners the opportunity to participate in social projects, which increases the status and rating of companies. We set the main task of filling the magazine with materials for thoughtful reading.
  • Creating "GORPROEKT" we decided that we need to write about everything, collecting all the most interesting in one magazine. It should be useful, relevant, exciting and at the same time carry style and conciseness.


Men: 55%
Women: 45%
Average age: from 25 to 55 years
Income level: Above average
Price segment: middle-priced, high-priced

Portrait of a reader


Entrepreneur (or manager with entrepreneurial character). He strives for self-development, is ready for justified risk, receptive to new ideas.

magazine reader

This is a highly profitable audience with sufficient funds to invest in their lives. They value their time and try to use it as efficiently as possible.

Branches of activity


Heading with posters, news and events that take place in the city in the near future.

SKD (socio-cultural activity)

This section describes historical notes and materials, innovative and interesting projects worth paying attention to, interviews with famous personalities, unique urban and social projects.


The suitcase section describes that Russia, which, unfortunately, few people know about. The very unexplored part, which is definitely worth a visit. These are promising areas in which it is necessary to invest and develop domestic tourism. The main goal is to promote tourism in the country.


Overview of promising projects on the Russian real estate market, news from construction corporations, advice to owners of commercial real estate. Everything related to the construction business.


News from the financial sector, insurance, investment and brokerage news, information and analytical articles and everything related to doing business.

Hard worker

The latest domestic projects in completely different areas, office novelties, solutions to personnel issues, opinions of experts in the field and everything that owners of small and large businesses need to know.

At the rudder

Car section - races, test drives, auto industry news, new cars, exhibitions, tuning shows, useful tips for car owners.


A section about the most interesting design projects for office and home spaces, decor, style, design tips and reviews of the latest trends in the field of interiors.


Lifestyle, trends in the fashion industry, everything related to "lifestyle".

healthy lifestyle

This section contains everything related to a healthy lifestyle - trends in the world of sports, advice from professionals, healthy eating, training programs and informational articles about the world of sports.


News from the world of the restaurant business, tips on catering and holding events, gossip columns - bright events in the life of a celebrity.


Look for us in cities:


Nearest suburbs:

Balashikha, Podolsk, Vidnoye, Korolev, Lyubertsy, Reutov, Khimki, Krasnogorsk, Odintsovo, Mytishchi

St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Samara, Chelyabinsk, Omsk, Rostov-on-Don, Ufa, Krasnoyarsk, Perm, Volgograd, Voronezh, Sochi, Krasnodar, Yalta

Where can you find our magazines?

- At the counters of shopping centers;

— In a business class taxi;

— In shops and boutiques;

— At counters and reception desks of business centers;

— In beauty salons (waiting areas);

– In car showrooms (waiting areas, racks);

— In restaurants and bars;

– In medical clinics (waiting areas);

— Delivery to the first persons of the companies.

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