20 February 2020

Phyto decor

Indoor plants in the interior are quite an elegant decoration element. They help to create an atmosphere of harmony in the house. Living plants create and maintain a healthy and natural microclimate for humans - they maintain oxygen balance and purify the air from impurities of all kinds of toxic substances. Well, it is not unimportant that indoor plants bring mood, give calmness and a feeling of warmth, transforming various rooms. For a long time, modern styles did not use indoor plants in interior design. For example, the style of minimalism began to be perceived as cold and soulless. But now everything is different!

Modern styles are very welcoming to the roll call of accessories, color matching. And indoor plants are very good helpers in this. But mindlessly filling all the window sills with pots of different styles is yesterday.

Phyto decor

We invite you to look at phyto-decor in a new way. If you stick to some simple rules, you won't go wrong.

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