19 May 2020

Wicker furniture is becoming more and more popular. But many are afraid to buy it, because they believe that it is suitable only for a summer residence or a country house. But this is absolutely not true! If earlier garden plots and country verandas were mainly decorated with wicker furniture, today many well-known furniture companies offer natural rattan models for living rooms and bedrooms.

Rattan grows in Indonesia. It is there that his largest productions are located. Definitely, wicker furniture changes the atmosphere in the house, and it has also been proven that rattan has a special bioenergy. It has a positive effect on a person, uplifting and pacifying, and the material brought from Indonesia brings warmth and sun.

It is noteworthy that wicker pouffes, sofas and armchairs are produced in such an unusual design that they can be used to create an ultra-modern interior, while practically not using things made of artificial materials.

Wicker chests, hanging rattan chairs, beds with a tropical-style wicker headboard add unusualness to the interior and make it memorable.


The range of wicker furniture offered on the market is quite wide, so you can pick up one thing or a set that fits any modern style, and this will be a good solution. Wicker furniture is strong, light, easy to care for, elegant and durable. An absolute plus of wicker furniture is its versatility. This furniture can be successfully beaten and fit into almost any interior and any room. The main thing in this matter is not to be afraid to experiment and carefully approach the choice of furniture.

Properly selected, it will make modern interior design cozier without violating the design style.

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