Balinese motifs

10 January 2020

Natural moss with a real sea scent, a tropical shower, a swimming pool instead of a Jacuzzi and glass doors from the bedroom to the bathroom - all this is nostalgia for the sunny and eco-friendly island of Bali on the banks of the Moskva River.

Balinese motifs

Designers: Dmitry Korshunov, Elena Korshunova.

The basis of the idea of ​​the interior was a laconic and strict style. The customer works with numbers, he is a supporter of order, clarity and rationality. All objects are subject to rectangular and geometrically regular shapes.

The main task of space planning is to organize a space for guests with complete autonomy, a common area with a kitchen and dining room, as well as a private personal unit.
The hallway welcomes you with a huge floor-length mirror and a hanging console lacquered with the famous Royal lacquer.
This hallway has become the main storage center not only for everyday and seasonal items, but also for bulky items.

The guest bedroom was created as a mini-hotel, with its own place for clothes and a private bath-shower. A huge illuminated mirror expands the space, and stabilized moss fills it with the smell of the sea, dipping into the atmosphere of a southern resort. Natural llama wool matting on the floor completes this atmosphere.

Wooden panels give an atmosphere of comfort and well-being.
Inserts of golden mirrors visually raise the ceiling, directing the lines upwards. The living-dining area is equipped with full-fledged sound equipment for watching a home theater and having a good time with guests.

Usually I do not use round furniture in my interiors, but this room leaves no other choice than the presence of a round bed - you can freely move in any direction.

A wardrobe and a make-up table fill the room with functionality.
Carpet made of natural wool is tactilely attractive to the feet.

The master bathroom is the grandest place in the project. Since all the jacuzzis did not fit the parameters, we installed a real pool there, reinforcing the structure of the ceiling. In addition, the shower room is equipped with a bench and a steam generator.

A bold combination of black and gold reflects the personality of the interior.

The office has all the necessary equipment in the "server" cabinet. Communication wires are laid in the floor. The table itself includes holes for a hidden wire, which makes the technique visually “wireless”. There is also a "lounge" area with a bar.

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