Global Talents Digital – LOOKBOOK

12 August 2020

The first edition of the international hybrid fashion project Global Talents Digital, where designers presented new digital and real collections that demonstrated virtual and real models.

Russian and foreign designers took part in Global Talents Digital - CHAPURIN, VARVARA ZENINA, into|into, Not for sale, duet.by.me, SAMSHIT, AMARIN jewelry, OLA OLA, BEINUNISON, DANIIL KOSTYSHIN, RABBITHOLE, BAYARTAEV, ophelica, GIDROPLAN , ALKHANASHVILI, Be.Li.Ve. (Russia / France), Sushchenko (Russia / Iceland), JAKE LIU (Australia), Florentina Leitner (Austria / Belgium), CHAIN, VANESA KRONGOLD (Argentina), FEMME DE MARS (Belgium), Juan de La Paz (Bolivia), Anciela, LINUS LEONARDSSON (Great Britain), NS GAIA (India), Också (Spain), TOMMAZO Studio (Cyprus), ANNAISS YUCRA (Peru), 13/7 (Poland), Shell (USA), Svoboda Ravenstvo Bratstvo (France), GUIDO VERA (Chile), AFTER WORK STUDIO, RAHEL GUIRAGOSSIAN (Switzerland), VIVIANO (Japan).  


To create a new collection, Russian designer Igor Chapurin was inspired by the work of the writer Ivan Bunin and other Russian prose writers. The images echo the idea of ​​the designer - they turned out to be romantic, but strict, restrained, but noticeable. The cut geometry is very clearly built in the collection: a voluminous top due to puffy sleeves and a “soft” bottom due to complex draperies and wide trousers. The designer is experimenting with eco-friendly fabrics and presents a black eco-leather wrap dress and a trendy cream faux fur coat. The color scheme of images is filled with natural shades: anthracite, ocher, shades of brown and beige.  


LOOKBOOK Sushchenko

Natalia Sushchenko draws inspiration from the subculture of the demoscene, so each collection of her independent brand is a memorable event in the world of the fashion industry. Stuck in velvet dream - this is the name given to the collection, which is presented as part of Global Talents Digital. The main motive of each image is unobtrusive notes of the 70s, which are conveyed with the help of velvet, velveteen, wool and jacquard dyed in crimson red and emerald.  


The virtual presentation of the Japanese brand VIVIANO, founded in 2015 by Vivien Sue, immerses the viewer in an atmosphere of romance, naturalness and femininity. Flying dresses, coats that combine different textures, eco-fur coats and overalls are inspired by the painting "The Conversion of the Apostle Paul" by Nicolas-Bernard Lepissier. The picture tells about the transition of Paul to a new faith and filling his life with light. The main colors of the collection are pink, blue, black and beige, and the main accents are the floral print and ruffles.

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