"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

7 January 2022

In the midst of the New Year holidays, we communicate with the artist, whose paintings radiate kindness, sincerity and optimism.

Svetlana Misyura

Talented artist Svetlana Misyura with her work gives a kaleidoscope of emotions and the joy of life. In Svetlana's online store, you can order both original paintings and art reproductions on clothes, accessories, and interior items. In this interview, Svetlana spoke about New Year's traditions, painting styles, as well as the endless possibilities of imagination and sources of inspiration.

GP: Our dialogue is taking place in the midst of the New Year holidays!

How did you celebrate the New Year? SVETLANA: According to a good tradition, we always celebrate the New Year surrounded by relatives and friends.

This is a great opportunity to take your time and enjoy plenty of communication with the people dearest to your heart. HP: The symbol of 2022 is the tiger, did you paint pictures of tigers?

SVETLANA: I painted several paintings as a gift and I will definitely write more, because according to the Eastern calendar, the tiger will come into its own in February.

Svetlana Misyura

I study totemism and always look at animals as beings equal to man! GP: Is that why animalism is the main vector of your work?

SVETLANA: I really like to draw portraits of animals, study their habits, grace and plasticity, embody their energy in pictures and reveal their soul.

Most of all in my creative portfolio there are kittens and owls, but there are a lot of other animals - the plots are born in my imagination and embodied in the pictures. In one of the series, she combined portraits of animals with original still lifes. In addition to depicting animals, I also paint in other genres - as a rule, I create a series of paintings on a specific topic. The creative process is unpredictable, and our imagination is limitless - you never know what genres and styles will captivate after some time. GP: Let's take a closer look at the assortment of your store: are they not only original paintings, but also artistic prints?

SVETLANA: The product range is presented on my website: https://svetlana-misyura.pixels.com/ .

In addition to paintings and reproductions on canvas, metal, wood, you can order bags, rugs, clothes, phone cases, tapestries, pillows, blankets, mugs, stationery. When ordering, it is possible to choose the color and size of the product, adjust the size and location of the print on it. Any item can be returned within 30 days. GP: Is it possible to order a painting from you?

SVETLANA: You can order portraits of people, animals, pets from me. To do this, write to me on Instagram @ svetneba3680 .

To complete the image and reflect individuality in the portrait, I will need to send several photographs from different angles - on certain frames we turn out differently. In the future I plan to paint other paintings to order, but so far I don’t take orders for them - I have a lot of my own ideas that I intend to embody, so I don’t want to be distracted by the embodiment of other people’s fantasies. GP: The Internet has many advantages, but there are also disadvantages, one of which is hate.

Have you encountered haters in your work? SVETLANA: Literally once or twice, but did not pay attention to it, as this is the problem of those people who radiate negativity.

As the wise proverb says: "Until you accept insults, they belong to the one who brought them." HP: How do you feel about constructive criticism?

SVETLANA: Constructive criticism can and should become an impetus for development and improvement.

Svetlana Misyura

Svetlana Misyura

But any opinion is subjective, so it should not hurt self-esteem. GP: You became interested in painting professionally already at a conscious age and were able to make your hobby your profession.

What can you advise people who dream of creativity, but are afraid to change their lives? SVETLANA: Everyone has their own fate and circumstances - there are no and cannot be universal algorithms.

Svetlana Misyura

It is very important not to change yourself, to believe in yourself, to choose and do what you truly love and never betray your dreams. GP: Your paintings give positive emotions and good energy, inspire you to achieve!

And what is the source of inspiration for you? SVETLANA: The whole world!

Svetlana Misyura
    I am convinced that beauty is in the eye of the beholder - I am fascinated and inspired by nature, people, animals, different seasons, objects and landscapes, architectural objects! And I am also inspired by the works of those artists whose work I love - I look at their paintings and understand that there is something to strive for! I want to learn and comprehend, discover and mix different genres and styles, bringing to life the fantasies of my imagination!

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