Summer has come - moving to the balcony

16 June 2020

Finally, the long-awaited summer has come - it's warm outside, the sun, the birds sing. Sitting at home in this weather is unbearable. For those who do not have a dacha, we suggest arranging a balcony or, in extreme cases, a miniature garden on the windowsill. And we will help you with this! Everything you need for a comfortable pastime in the air, you will find in our selection.  

If you decide to run away from the city or stay at home and plan to equip yourself with a cozy place to relax and work on the balcony, you will definitely need a chair that will survive any bad weather. Such that you can leave it on the street all night and not worry about its safety. There are many of them in the Vitra portfolio - plastic Belleville Chair, Tip Ton and Panton Chair or, for example, the perforated aluminum Landi Chair. And that's not all the options!  

A miniature table will also come in handy. Imagine how nice it will be to sit outdoors on a sunny day with a cup of coffee or a glass of rose. But when it gets a little warmer, it will even be possible to work in the air! Our choice is the compact Bistro Table by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. Sleek and weather-resistant, it's perfect for outdoor use.

If trips out of town are a regular activity for you, and your dacha is no less comfortable than a city apartment, you probably made sure that the area around your house looked appropriate.
We have something for that too! New for the season from Delta Light, the Frax lamp turns open spaces into scenic scenes at night. With its seven different lighting effects and multiple installation options, Frax blends in perfectly with both landscape and urban architecture. Whether you need to illuminate sculptures, trees, or buildings, Frax can effectively handle any of these tasks. If you can’t go to nature, bring nature into your home!

Turn your home into a tropical garden. Pick up beautiful flower pots, plant unusual flowers and plants in them - and your home jungle is ready! This, by the way, can be a good test of your responsibility - whether you will not forget to take care of your new "pets".

If you enjoy gardening in your spare time, the Toolbox designed by Arik Levy will help you carry the tools you need for your favorite activity.

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