7 June 2021

50??!!! Can't be…! To be honest, Vilebrequin has never felt as young as it does now, having celebrated half a century since its founding. What is the secret to longevity? In the art of living under the sun all year round. And the Vilebrequin brand would not be itself if such a big date were not accompanied by the creation of a sufficiently neo-psychedelic visual style. So get ready!


It's not every day you turn 50! For the occasion, the visual style of the Vilebrequin brand has been reimagined with a bold vintage twist. The sea turtles, the longtime muse of the Fashion House, have already chosen costumes for themselves: a neo-psychedelic shell, in the form of which the number “50” is read. Stickers dance around them, reflecting the vision of life in the philosophy of Vilebrequin. The legendary shade of blue is illuminated by the colors of the paradise lagoon, orange-yellow and lilac sunsets!


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